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Programs for All

Ages, Abilities, and Goals!

We’ve spent over 10 years creating a methodology, program, and coaching perspective that meets you where you are and keeps you progressing in the areas that matter to you.

We focus on form and technique before you add weight or speed. Our unique model of progression prioritizes comprehensive fitness and movement quality.

Our programming blends variance and periodization to give your body the work it needs to continue to grow and improve while minimizing the risk of injury. We create the environment for your body to be good at everything and great at what you were genetically designed to do.

Group Cross-Training

Our 60 minute class is high intensity training at it’s finest. Workouts combine a variety of functional movements – everything from cardio and gymnastics to power lifting and Olympic lifting. Our coaches will guide you through weight training and/or cardio exercises. Every workout can be safely scaled for beginning, intermediate, and advanced athletes.

Pump & Burn

Our Pump & Burn classes are a great alternative or supplement to Group Cross-Training. It’s a one-hour class of equal amounts of strength training (Pump) and conditioning (Burn). PUMP is a total body workout that builds solid, lean muscle. An expert trainer will guide you through movements that utilize dumbbells, kettlebells, and your own bodyweight. BURN is a high-energy cardio workout that will get your heart rate up and keep it there.

30 Day Habit Challenge

Compete with yourself and others to become the best version of yourself! Start with a benchmark workout and body scan and track your progress for 30 days. With support from coaches and fellow challenge participants, prepare to be amazed at how much progress you can make.

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Personal Training

Personal training ensures that you get coaching and programming that is specifically designed for your individual goals and abilities. It provides a higher level of attention and accountability to ensure your success.

Strive Youth

We teach 5 – 12 year-olds how to be fit and have fun doing it. They learn all the basics of proper movement at the proper dosage for their stage of development. They learn all the things you wish you had learned at their age.

24 Hour Access

Now offering 24 hour access memberships so you can use the gym whenever it works best for you! Coaching and programming are not included in this package. Can be purchased alone, or as an addition to a current class membership. Member discounts are available.